D’Youville College — Breaking traditions since 1951

While poking around the archives I came across an interesting newspaper clipping from 1951. The clipping is titled:

D’Youville Graduates a Bride As Tradition Loses to Romance:College Comes to Rescue of Student After Army Upset Plans to Wed Office Candidate

I was immediately intrigued… tradition vs romance? Sounds dramatic. Tell me more!

According to the article a student by the name of Nancy, was to be married two weeks after she graduated from D’Youville. Unfortunately, her soon-to-be husband was notified that he had to report for military duty the Monday after Nancy’s graduation. What was Nancy to do? No married woman had ever graduated from D’Youville before! Fortunately the Grey Nun’s ‘came to the rescue’ and allowed her to break tradition. She was married the Friday before her graduation. She even attended her Class Day Exercises in her wedding dress!

It’s interesting how traditions have changed drastically over the past 50+ years. Regardless, I still found this to be a fun and interesting piece of D’Youville College history.

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