War Bonds


While I was in the process of organizing the collection of DYC dance cards, I came across something I had never seen before. On the second page of the 1941 Junior Prom dance booklet was a brightly colored page with the words “United States Defense Savings Bonds”, what I quickly learnt is that they are more generically known as “War Bonds”. I did some research and discovered that War Bonds were a way for civilians to race capital so as to finance the military during war, in this case WWII. The particular bonds found in the dance card were Postal Savings Plans Bonds. Essentially people that found it difficult to purchase a bond outright would buy ¢10 savings stamps to add to their book. Once the booklet had been filled they would have enough stamps to purchase a bond. You can read a lot more about War Bonds in this wikipedia article.

Below is a video clip of FDR encouraging the American public to purchase these bonds for the good of the nation.

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