Ah, Venice!

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The D’Youville College Archives holds 70 prints of late 19th century Venice.  These images were the work of Ferdinando Ongania (1842-1911).  Ongania was an Italian publisher, and owned the Münster bookshop in the Piazza San Marco, Venice.  Over the course of his career, he published 43 works on Venice, its history, and art.  One of the best known is Calli e Canali in Venezia, (Streets and Canals in Venice), published in the 1890s.  The images capture Venetian life at that time, from the people, to the gondolas, canals, and architecture.




2 thoughts on “Ah, Venice!

  1. I found a copy of this print in my great-aunts home after her recent passing. It appears to be somewhat colored though and not the sepia tones. I can’t find any info on this colored type of version or when it might have been printed. Might you have any info on this?


  2. Just realized it didn’t leave my comment under the correct picture. I have plate 19. Calli E Canali. Another website refers to it as S. Sophie’s Canal.

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