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The operating hours for the archives change each semester and are usually in the afternoon.

Appointments are advised and encouraged.  Call 716.829.8155.

D’Youville College Archives
Montante Family Library, 3rd Floor
320 Porter Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14201


17 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Good morning. I am a great admirer of Miss Eleanore Grace Alexander, who was student in your collegeet who gave his life for his country in 1967. Indeed, I am French and I am concerned about my country since Vietnam was also at war in this country until 1954. So you have photos or memories of the time Eleanore Grace was a student? Class pictures for example, or others .. Thank you for your reply.
    C. curato

  2. I am trying to find my childhood friend Darlene Jane Dolan who was born in 1947 and attend D’youville nursing school around 1965. She was from Jamestown, but I knew her and her family in Ithaca, NY where she was born. Can you help me?
    Thank you,

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